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Restaurant Marketing for the New Economy 

NOTE: If you’re looking for a big corporate agency to hire, look elsewhere. If you want to discover the ROOT of why many restaurant owners are losing money on their marketing today, read on…


How Long Can a Restaurant Owner Survive in the “Discount Economy”?

If you own a restaurant, it’s worth taking a good look at the picture above.

What you’re witnessing is a “race to the bottom.” Restaurants competing for attention by giving up more and more of their profit margins.

40% off.

55% off.

When does it stop?

(Hint: it doesn’t. There’s always someone willing to underbid the next guy.)

In today’s competitive economy, many restaurant owners are finding that simply providing good food and customer service is not enough.

There’s more competition than ever before… and only a few available channels for reaching customers.

Not having the time to do the marketing themselves, many owners look for outside help.

But the high price tag of these services frequently fails to correlate with reliable results.

Some owners are forced to rely on discount sites, like you see in the photo above… giving up more and more of their already slim profit margins in order to bring in the customers.

If this sounds like the situation you want to escape or avoid, then these next few pages were created especially for you.

Believe it or not, there is a simple and proven marketing system that:

  1. Delivers reliable & fast results
  2. Bypasses all your competition
  3. Does NOT require steep discount offers
  4. Runs on auto-pilot (i.e. no extra time or effort needed to bring in customers)

You may be skeptical, but I’m going to show you how this works. It will take you approximately 10 minutes to go through this demonstration.

This will be one of the most valuable business insights you ever get.

(Even if you already know you want to hire an agency, understanding this strategy will help insure that you don’t waste any of your budget on ineffective marketing.)

So ready to see how this works?

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-Levi Heiple