The Easiest Sale in the World

How hard is it to “sell” someone on the idea of going out to eat?

Here’s a recent conversation between my wife and I:

Me: “We’ve had a long day. Maybe we should eat out.”

Her: “OK. I have a coupon for $2 off to that pizza place we liked.”

Me: “Sounds great. Let’s go. I’m hungry!”

As you can see, we already wanted to go out and eat. We were just looking for an excuse.

Was $2 off of pizza a remarkable deal?

Not really.

But it gave us an excuse.

It served as a reminder that we liked the place. And we felt good that we getting some kind of deal.

And it’s not just discount coupons that give an excuse to go out. There’s a whole range of “excuses” to dine out:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Job promotion
  • Sports victory
  • Meeting a friend
  • A long day of work
  • “Today Only” offer
  • Too lazy to cook (I’ve definitely done this one :-P)

So the challenge is not so much persuading customers to go out to eat…

The real challenge is getting them to go to your restaurant instead of somewhere else.

And how are you going to that when you’re competing side-by-side with dozens of other restaurants?

Unfortunately, the answer is almost always the same: offer steeper discounts than the next guy.

Oh, and you gotta pay the deal site (or coupon pack) for giving you the visibility.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not a marketplace I want to compete in.

Perhaps we can find a better way…

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